Visionary Introduces MV5 IP AV-over-IP Multiviewer, Allowing for Display Digital Canvasing

visionary mv5 av over ip multiviewer

Visionary has announced the MV5 IP Multiviewer, a scaling and windowing appliance designed to redefine the capabilities of AV-over-IP systems. The MV5 IP Multiviewer is the next generation of multiviewers, offering enhanced capabilities and seamless compatibility with Visionary’s acclaimed 5 Series AV-over-IP endpoints.

Building on the robust features of its predecessor, the MV4 IP Multiviewer, the MV5 IP Multiviewer retains all the advanced functionalities that users have come to expect, with an exciting new upgrade: the ability to output 4K60 4:4:4 video. This significant enhancement ensures the highest quality video output, meeting the demands of modern AV applications with unparalleled clarity and precision.

The MV5 IP Multiviewer supports a variety of default presets, such as quad view, side-by-side, full screen and picture-in-picture or user-defined configurations. The MV5 IP Multiviewer boasts zero frame loss during window and video transitions, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted playback. The combined output video can be encoded into a single stream and sent to one or more PacketAV Matrix 5 Series Decoders at resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4. Additionally, users can select audio from any of the four sources for playback, regardless of the currently displayed video, enhancing the auditory experience.

The MV5 IP Multiviewer, which is now shipping, claims to be the “perfect solution for commercial venues, both large and small, that need to monitor or display multiple sources at once.” One of the standout benefits of the MV5 IP Multiviewer, owing to its network-based design, is its unparalleled flexibility in installation. Unlike traditional multiviewers, Visionary says the MV5 IP Multiviewer does not need to be physically close to the source devices or displays. Instead, it can be installed in a rack. Visionary says this flexibility not only simplifies installation but also enhances system reliability and maintenance.