Vincent Audio Shows “Audiophile Grade” CD Player Using Vacuum Tubes

Vincent Audio 150

Vincent Audio has introduced its new C-60, what theyVincent-Audio-150 are calling a high-end CD player with switchable vacuum tube and solid-state output stages, with top-loading transport and fully balanced XLR outputs.

If you’ve ever thought about the concept of hearing, or comparing, CD audio from both vacuum tube-driven outputs and solid-state technology, this is your piece. Using the remote control or a front-panel switch, you can toggle between vacuum tubes or solid-state drivers for the final output stage. Vincent says both the precision solid-state line output stage and the cathode follower 6922EH vacuum tube line output are equally high quality circuits.

Weighing in at 26.4 lbs — heavy for a CD player — the C-60’s chassis construction uses solid aluminum plates, providing a stable platform to isolate the transport mechanism and signal path circuitry from vibration. The Vincent C-60 CD player ships this month at a price of $4,695.