Vincent Audio Introduces New High-Powered Amplifier and Preamplifier

Vincent Audio 0510

Vincent Audio has introduced what they are Vincent-Audio-0510calling “high performance versions” of two of their most popular hybrid vacuum tube/solid-state power amplifiers and preamplifiers. The new Vincent SA-31MK stereo preamplifier and SP-331MK Class A/AB stereo power amplifier are based on the current SA-31 preamplifier and SP-331 Class AB power amplifier, which will continue in the line.

The new models make extensive use of Class A circuitry in the signal path, add additional vacuum-tube stages, and employ precision European resistors (are European resisters better than Chinese ones?) and capacitors in key circuits. The new preamplifier also adds more line inputs, precision electronic level controls, and a wireless remote control.
The Vincent SP-331MK Class A/AB power amplifier’s output stage operates in pure Class A mode for signals up to 10-watts output. It then shifts to Class AB up to its full power rating of 150-Watts into 8 ohms and 300-watts into 4 ohms..
The Vincent SA-31MK was also upgraded for pure Class A operation with a new output stage using two additional 6N16 vacuum tubes including increasing the number of line inputs from four to six channels and adding a remote.

The Vincent Audio SP-331MK and SA-31MK are currently available in black or silver finish with list prices of $2,199.95 and $1,399.95 respectively. The base models SP-331 and SA-31 are offered for $1,299.95 and $649.95 respectively.  More details can be found at: