Vilnius City Hall modernises its lighting system with PROLIGHTS

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Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania celebrated its 700th anniversary this year. Amongst many different events, a revival of Joseph Haydn’s oratorio “The Creation” was performed at Vilnius City Hall.
The oratorio was first played at the historic Vilnius City Hall more than 200 years ago and later performed in Vienna, Austria. The premiere was made possible with the installation of a new PROLIGHTS lighting system by Sonus Exsertus, a company with extensive experience in the field, and PROLIGHTS’ distributor in the region.

According to the Manager of Vilnius City Hall, Perlis Vaisieta, lighting plays a significant emotional role in creating an atmosphere for professional, high-quality events. The new lighting system, which includes 46 LumiPix 12UQPRO and 24 Smart BatPlus, will bring colour and dynamics to events at the City Hall, making it more versatile and flexible.

Vaisieta believes that the new lighting system will not only delight the spectators but also attract world-class artists to perform in the City Hall. Perlis said that until now, the City Hall could only offer basic lighting, and additional equipment had to be rented for more complex events, which incurred extra costs. The professional equipment available now will always be in place and serve even events that require exceptional lighting, such as theater plays.

“The newly integrated lighting system at the Vilnius City Hall is a significant step forward in enhancing the experience for visitors and attracting world-renowned artists”, Perlis concluded, adding: “The City Hall invites everyone to visit the venue and experience the changes for themselves!”