Viking Electronics’ PB-3-IP Offers VoIP Emergency Phone Panic Button

viking pb3Discreetly place emergency calls at the touch of a button with the PB-3-IP Panic Button from Viking Electronics. Designed for VoIP SIP systems, this PoE panic button can be programmed using Viking’s IP Programming software and receives automatic firmware updates. The PB-3-IP includes an onboard relay for activating security cameras, emergency lighting or any other device triggered by a dry-contact.

The PB-3-IP panic button can be mounted under a desk or countertop and place discreet emergency phone calls when activated. A built-in auto dialer will roll through up to five phone numbers until the call is answered. After answering, a prerecorded location announcement is delivered to the called party and one-way audio is sent from the PB-3-IP for silent monitoring. The called party can easily engage in two-way communication after the call is connected by pressing touch-tone “#.”

Details on the PB-3-IP are here.