Viking Electronics Releases Touch-Free E-30TF-IP Entry Phone With Updated Features

Viking Electronics E 30TF IP Entry PhoneViking Electronics’ VoIP SIP entry phone for gates, office suites and delivery doors now has a touch-free option. The E-30TF-IP entry phone replaces the standard push button with a motion sensor to reduce the transmission of germs, bacteria and viruses from the shared use of a physical button.

When the motion sensor is activated, the built-in five-number autodialer calls through all programmed numbers until the call is answered or a lap counter expires. A programmable onboard relay can perform various actions, including activating a door strike, camera, strobe light and more. The E-30TF-IP is designed to flush mount using an included back box, or the unit can be surface mounted to a wall or pedestal using a VE-5X5 surface mount box.

The E-30TF-IP can be connected using an RJ-45 connection and CAT-5e cable. The E-30TF-IP is PoE powered and programmed with downloadable PC software available from the Viking Electronics website. The software can be installed locally, assigned to a static IP address and programmed remotely from any PC. For outdoor applications, the E-30TF-IP-EWP features Enhanced Weather Protection and is designed to meet IP66 Ingress Protection Rating.