ViewSonic Debuts UNIVERSE, an Immersive 3D Virtual Environment

Screen Shot 2022 06 30 at 1.48.08 PM

ViewSonic just debuted UNIVERSE by ViewSonic, an immersive 3D virtual environment (metaverse) built for education. It facilitates interactive learning experiences which drive engagement, enhance collaboration and foster a sense of belonging for times when classes cannot be together in the same physical space.

UNIVERSE by ViewSonic features immersive virtual learning spaces such as classrooms, lecture halls and collaborative spaces. Students can express themselves and interact with peers through personalized avatars. Intuitive controls allow them to navigate around the digital campus and engage with classmates in a safe digital environment where they’ll feel at ease to develop personal and meaningful connections. All communication can be conducted intuitively through private and group chats, emojis, and true-to-life spatialized (spatial) audio.

Teachers can utilize comprehensive teaching tools such as screen-sharing, presenting a camera feed, and creating pop quizzes to best suit the needs of each class. Meanwhile, students can collaborate through open discussions in the main learning space or break out into different meeting rooms for more focused discussions.

With purpose-built classroom management features, teachers can toggle between the Lecture Mode and Discussion Mode based on the learning scenario. Moreover, detailed learning reports which provide insight into student’s engagement levels are available after each class, supporting teachers with data-driven insights for improved learning outcomes within a digital learning environment.

Here’s a video that explains UNIVERSE by ViewSonic: