VidOvation Debuts Automatic Video Bypass and Signal Changeover Switch

PKA2210FTMonitor-0214VidOvation’s new PKA-2210 primary use is as an automatic protection switch as the unit has two inputs with seamless and automatic switching capability. A primary video feed can be connected to the A input and a backup feed on the B input. If the A feed should fail, the PKA-2210 will switch to the B feed seamlessly using its multiple input frame sync capability. Another feature of the device is the internal generation of a video test signal with a character ID. This can be used to test and identify a video circuit. If the primary video circuit A fails and the B input fails as well or there is no backup B input, the system can seamlessly switch on a test signal and character ID onto the circuit or when it is not in use.

The PKA-2210 is available as a standalone unit or as a 1/3 rack-mount with an optional kit. The unit also comes in a dual wide card configuration called the PKA-5210. Up to 10 of the PKA-5210 cards can be installed in a 20 Slot 2RU openGear chassis with monitoring and control via openGear’s DashBoard and SNMP.

Here are all the specs.