Videxio Announces Interoperability for Hangouts Meet by G Suite

Videxio has announced that it has signed an agreement with Google Cloud in partnership with Pexip and will be one of the first to offer video conferencing interoperability for Hangouts Meet.

The new Hangouts Meet interoperability service means that users will be able to join Hangouts Meet using their existing video communication solution, whether that be Skype for Business, videoconferencing systems from the likes of Cisco or Polycom, or Videxio clients for desktop and browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. The service is based on Pexip Infinity cloud technology and utilizes both the powerful Google Cloud Platform and the Videxio Midgard platform to ensure security, quality and reliability for users. The general release of the service is scheduled for 20th June 2018.

Pexip Infinity was designed as an interoperable video collaboration platform that runs in the cloud and adding Hangouts Meet is a major step towards cloud-based conferencing with everything – they also already work with Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Here are all the details on Hangouts.