Videotel’s new Wave Interactive Digital Signage Solution unveiled live with overwhelming positive response from the DSE Show

videotel12Las Vegas, NV- March 11th, 2015 – Live from the Digital Signage Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, Videotel is receiving an overwhelmingly positive response as it unveils the second of four new exciting and revolutionary digital signage solutions.

The new Wave solution allows users to trigger digital content in a fun and interactive new way, with a simple wave. By simply passing one’s hand near a proximity sensor, the waving motion launches video content to any desired screen.

Videotel, a member of the Digital Signage Federation, is a California-based maker of industrial-grade digital signage media players, interactive digital signage solutions, and commercial- and medical-grade DVD players. The company is on the leading edge of innovation in multimedia, providing revolutionary features such as auto play, auto seamless loop and auto power on.

The four new solution revelations revolve around technologies that turn your VP71 digital signage player into an interactive playground, allowing your audience to trigger engaging content in four new ways: Elevate, Push, Move and Wave.

Push triggers content using new LED buttons. The stainless steel or illuminated plastic buttons — available in an array of colors — use custom text, allowing users to trigger content in an engaging way.

The new Elevate solution, which already has received an overwhelmingly positive response at DSE, allows users to raise an item or product by using scale sensors and lift-off platforms to launch relevant content easily. The new Elevate solution is a completely new way to trigger digital content.

With the Move solution, users trigger content through a motion sensor that detects human movement from as close as 1 foot away or as far as 21 feet away. The Move function can be customized for triggering repeat content.

Videotel has more than 34 years of experience manufacturing and selling digital signage solutions. Each year brings about new technology and changes that make the company’s flagship products more advanced while adhering to the mission of reliability and simplicity. The four new digital signage solutions will be revealed and demonstrated at the DSE show and are made to be compatible with the VP71.