Videotel Unveils Elevate Interactive Digital Signage Solution

videotel-elevate-0315Videotel’s new Elevate allows users to lift or elevate an item or product from a weight/scale sensor with an illuminated platform that triggers and displays relevant video content to create an interactive playground for any audience.

The four new solution revelations revolve around technologies that a VP71 digital signage player into an interactive playground, allowing the audience to trigger engaging content in four new ways: Elevate, Push, Move and Wave. Push triggers content using new LED buttons, available in an array of colors. Users will will now be able to trigger content with a simple wave by simply passing their hands near a proximity sensor. The waving motion allows users to trigger content in a fun and high-tech new way. With the Move solution, users trigger content through a motion sensor that detects human movement from as close as 1 foot away or as far as 21 feet away. The Move function can be customized for triggering various content.

Here are the details and here is a video on how it works.