Videotel Joins the Digital Signage Federation

videotel12San Diego, CA February 24, 2015 Videotel receives recognition from the industry with acceptance by the Digital Signage Federation.

The Digital Signage Federation is a non-profit industry organization that supports technological advancements and innovations in the digital signage industry. Recognition of Videotel by the Digital Signage Federation as a new member in good standing means acknowledgement of Videotel’s position in the digital signage industry.

Such recognition does not come automatically or easily. The Digital Signage Federation is governed by an independent board of volunteers consisting of industry professionals that reflect the varied makeup of all the constituents in the digital signage industry. The board of the Digital Signage Federation is elected by vote and each member serves for a period of two years. The Digital Signage Federation is the only non-profit group that provides peer-group help, information, and resources for companies in the digital signage industry.

Every year, the Digital Signage Federation hosts regional networking events and a major Digital Signage Expo. In 2015, this Digital Signage Expo will be held in Las Vegas from March 10th through March 13th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This conference is the largest trade show for digital signage held annually, which is the place to see the most state-of-the-art innovations before competitors get a chance to deploy them. Videotel will be a featured exhibitor at the 2015 Digital Signage Expo.

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The digital signage industry relies on the Digital Signage Federation as an independent voice that promotes the technological advancements of the industry as a whole. The Digital Signage Federation established privacy standards accepted by the U.S. Congress and provides a system for requests-for-proposals (RFPs) so that potential customers get an appropriate solution for digital signage needs and the best deals for comprehensive solutions from providers in the industry.

About Videotel
Videotel provides commercial and industrial grade high-definition digital signage media players that are designed for robust, non-stop use to support digital signage. Videotel products passed rigorous testing to prove that it can run interrupted service for a period of over four years, twenty-four hours per day, without failure. The company has over thirty four years’ experience in designing solutions for interactive digital signage displays.
Contact Videotel for all your digital signage needs or visit their website for more information about the products they offer.