Videotel Digital Announces Launch of New Website with New Digital Signage Products & Solutions

videotel12Videotel, an award winning industry leader in digital signage and manufacturer of digital signage solutions has a newly redesigned website that showcases its flagship products with newly added solutions that help companies engage their audiences with digital signs and unique and simple interactive solutions.

The new website features a slick home page with well-defined navigation. Visitors have the option to explore Videotel’s digital signage solutions, featured products, custom design and services, press releases and loads of customer case studies and gallery of its portfolio of experience. A bold font, vibrant colors and interactive graphics are easy to navigate and enjoyable to view. They provide a glimpse of the premium signage the company produces. Testimonials from satisfied customers scroll across the bottom of each page.

Each tab leads to a page that is easy to navigate and includes comprehensive description, usage and pricing information for the array of digital media players, cables, connectors, parts, accessories and custom solutions Videotel manufacturers and sells. A photograph of each product can be easily magnified in just one click, visitors can read a thorough overview of the product, or share it with friends via email or various forms of social media. A variety of contact information resources – department phone numbers and email addresses – are readily available at the bottom of each page. The PR and Gallery tab details Videotel’s numerous successful partnerships and relationships while featuring further testimonials from an assortment of satisfied clients that range from hotels, hospitals, retail, and museums.

Videotel’s commercial-grade industrial digital signage media players are incomparable in the marketplace and one of the featured products on the newly redesigned website.

About Videotel Inc. Videotel Inc. is the leading nationwide manufacturer of the HD2600 series industrial looping DVD players and a rugged line of industrial digital signage media players and interactive technology.  Videotel is based in San Diego, Calif., with more than 34 years of market experience in developing simple, reliable industrial digital products and solutions. To learn more about Videotel Inc., visit