Videotel Digital Adds Infrared Buttons to Its Touchless Interactive Products

videotel digital infrared touchless buttons

Videotel Digital has now added Infrared “Touchless” Buttons to its full array of touchless interactive products. Because today’s consumers are now reluctant to interact with public-facing surfaces, Videotel Digital offers a choice of touchless alternatives that allow customers to continue to interact with no fear of contamination. Videotel’s MOVE, SENSE, WAVE, TAP and QR give options, all of which are compatible with Videotel’s exclusive 4K VP90 and VP71XD industrial media players.

Videotel’s NEW — Infrared Touchless Buttons allow touchless triggering within 3” of the surface eliminating the need for physical contact and will include a change of color signaling the user that the button has responded.

Videotel’s touchless product line also includes:

  • MOVE Motion Sensor is customizable and allows you to make either Videotel player interactively trigger individual or multiple video files to show content when a viewer is detected.
  • SENSE Motion Detector is designed with “smart sensors” that detect the approach of a viewer and plays different messages based on the viewer’s proximity.
  • WAVE allows an “attract screen” to loop seamlessly until a hand wave motion triggers a selling message.
  • TAP Interactive is ideal for presentations and is activated via foot pedal that allows you to trigger screen content.
  • QR, which is available in Videotel Digital’s free digital signage cloud software, which comes with every VP90 4K media player, enables messaging to include a QR code, which once photographed, automatically transfers to a smartphone for touchless screen navigation.