Video Window’s pOrtal Opens a New Kind of Doorway Thanks to Benediktas Gylys Foundation Partnership

Video Window pOrtalVideo Window announced pOrtal, an 11-ton outdoor video art installation designed to unite people across time and space, thanks to a new partnership with the Benediktas Gylys Foundation. Video Window powers pOrtal’s 24/7 connection between residents of two European cities, who can see and interact with each other via a live broadcast.

Collaboration Squared, makers of Video Window, and the Benediktas Gylys Foundation are expanding this vision with a new corporate sponsorship program. It will enable the pOrtal technology to expand and diversify to more cities, museums, galleries and cultural organizations worldwide.

“With our shared vision of improving human connection, we are working with pOrtal to unite people by powering the technology and developing enterprise partnerships with organizations that share this transformative vision. We have one single aim: to help people everywhere feel connected,” said Daryl Hutchings, CEO of Collaboration Squared. “Video Window has been successful in uniting the hybrid office, removing physical boundaries and helping remote workers stay in touch. Now, we get to use our technology to touch the hearts and minds of people in new ways across the globe.”

Conceived to foster unity rather than separation, the nonprofit pOrtal project allows participants to communicate through body language and expression. The new sponsorship program will give pioneering organizations the opportunity to grow branding opportunities while genuinely giving back. They will also receive Video Window licenses for their organization to support hybrid working for their employees and support global connection, rather than division, “something we all need right now,” Hutchings concluded.