Vestel Unveils Dynamic New Interactive Screens

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Vestel Visual Solutions UK brings zero-bonded interactive screen technology to an ever-wider audience with the launch of its Dynamic Series.

Vestel Visual Solutions UK has launched a new range of interactive display screens incorporating Zero Bonded Technology. The new Dynamic Series leverages the benefits of Vestel’s unrivalled European manufacturing scale and single-continent logistics to make the latest interactive technology for ed-tech and corporate more accessible than ever.

The 4K UHD resolution Dynamic (DA) Series is available in 65”, 75” and 85” screen sizes and runs a customised Android 13 OS for unparalleled flexibility and wide-ranging integration with third-party applications.

Zero-bonded screen technology enhances clarity, improves touchscreen response, and increases screen longevity to deliver tablet-like, seamless touchscreen performance. The DA series is more resistant to dust, moisture, and other contaminants getting between the screen layers than air-gapped interactive displays, prolonging the working lifespan of the device.

The technology removes the air gap between the LCD display panel and the touch-sensitive layer of the screen by using an optically clear bonding process. The elimination of the air gap between the two layers, as is typical in more affordable interactive displays’, significantly reduces reflections and glare, leading to better visibility in bright lighting conditions.

Comments Tim Mathews, Senior Product Manager for Display at Vestel UK: “Our new zero-bonded Dynamic Series displays enhance touch sensitivity and accuracy, reduce parallax errors, and widen the field of view. They are also slimmer and lighter for easier installation, offer a wide range of connectivity options, and offer cloud-based account and device management support. The Dynamic series offers unrivalled performance and features at the price, backed by our enviable reputation for long-term reliability and customer support.”

Connectivity across the new range covers Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, 4 x HDMI ports and USB A, B and C sockets. The 20-point IR touch technology features over 1bn pixel touch resolution with +/-1mm accuracy, and compatibility with finger, glove, or pointer interaction. Built-in 20W speakers eliminate the need for external audio in ll but the largest installation scenarios and the range comes supplied with a remote control and two magnetic pen/pointers.

Vestel offers a wide range of built-in applications straight out of the box, including customisable home screen, Vdraw, Eshare, Officesuite, AquaMail, Chromium , Vmeet (powered by Zoom), File Manager, Media Player, and Cloud File Manager. The suite of software makes them fully functional for ed-tech and corporate customers immediately, and the Android 13 OS affords the flexibility for unrivalled customisation and integration of bespoke applications and content.

The new 65”, 75” and 86” Vestel Dynamic Series interactive displays will be available from May 2024 to Vestel resellers and integrators across the UK.