VER Announces Flex Mobile Truck Service

VER just announced their new Flex Solutions mobile truck service. A new broadcast service, Flex Solutions specializes in HD multi-purpose support units and equipment rental. The support units are customizable and can accommodate any type of facility including remote production, edit facilities, reality show productions and operations trailers.

VER Flex Solutions has already supported Desert Trip, The CMA Awards, ABC’s The View, American Ninja Warrior and Monday and Thursday Night Football. All mobile units have an HD infrastructure with multi-viewing monitoring and routing, and can be modified to meet the needs of specific productions.

VER offers a choice of eight Flex Solutions models. The Flex 2 is a 53’ expanding trailer with a back storage area and lift gate. This multi-purpose unit can serve as a fully functional support space with HD viewing and monitoring throughout. Two flex rooms offer single front benches with wall monitors.

The Flex 3 50’ single expanding unit delivers VER’s VIP treatment. The main viewing room provides three  65” viewing monitors and a Dolby 5.1 system. Finished with custom cabinetry, it features a built-in stainless steel refrigerator. The two private executive offices come equipped with coffee bars and refrigerators.

For a 53′ single expanding support unit there’s the spacious Flex 4 which is a favorite for full production shows due to its unique feature rooms, edit suites, specialized technology and sub-mix rooms. The 48’ Flex 6 is a single expanding unit with movable walls that make it easy to customize for specific production needs. The Flex 7 50’ stage truck is an excellent platform for mixing broadcast with sponsorship opportunities. Formed from a stage platform, it works well as a host position.

The Flex 8 53’ double expanding ops trailer is built with 4K infrastructure and features operating stations for up to twenty-four. Plus, an enclosed conference room in the center offers windows on both sides for a unique mobile production space. Another double expander is the 24’ wide Flex 10 trailer offering ample floorspace to accommodate multiple broadcasts.

Here are all the details.