Venue Lighting Effects Offers New Products for Stage Lighting and Control

venue tetra revolver

Venue Lighting Effects has introduced the Revolver and Tetra Series for stage lighting and control. Designed for performing musicians, DJs, singers, performers, and small- to mid-sized venues, the new Tetra Series includes a full range of cool-running LED lights and versatile control.

The new Venue Tetra Control offers lighting control with real-time access for running a rig from stage or mix position. Tetra Control provides a range of programmed sequences and features to add visuals without complicated programming. Pre-programmed auto-cycle and Color Fade modes enable performers and DJs to create light shows and performance lighting with a switch: including strobes, instant effects and more than 30 chase modes. Tap Tempo and Audio Input modes can sync lighting to the beat. Mic-stand mounting and footswitch control enable even self-contained acts to perform.

The Tetra 6 RGBA LED Wash Light is designed to deliver professional-quality color-wash lighting. With six 4-watt quad-color LEDs and multiple operating modes, the Tetra 6 delivers 14 colors, along with 20 standard chases and 20 more sound-active chases. With full DMX compatibility, the Tetra 6 can integrate with almost any system, offering complete control in multiple channel modes. And the Tetra’s double-yoke design enables precise aiming — whether stand or truss mounted or free-standing on the stage floor. Also available in white for venues that require white fixtures to blend with their environment, the Tetra 6 features set-and-forget stand-alone programming, integrated sound active mode, and power linking for up to 62 simultaneous units. In comparison, the Tetra 12 RGBA LED Wash Light delivers all the features and control of the Tetra 6 and more, with twelve 4-watt quad-color LEDs — twice as many as the Tetra 6.

The Venue Tetra Bar RGBA LED Linear Wash Light Strip features more than three feet of coverage, along with four independent color zones. It delivers professional-quality color-wash lighting with 14 static colors; 20 standard chases and 20 sound-active chases; Master/Slave capability; and strobe, dimming and manual color mixing. Static colors and color mix can combine to create subtle ambiance and dramatic uplighting. Full DMX-512 compatibility means seamless connectivity with external controllers, including the Venue Tetra Control. Like all Tetra models, power-linking design minimizes the need for multiple power outlets and keeps cabling to a minimum.

Finally, the Venue Revolver Dual-Sided Moving-Head Effect Light is a two-in-one effect light that combines green lasers, moonflower effects and motorized components, all in a single fixture. The Revolver’s dual-sided moving head provides 540 degrees of horizontal movement and unrestricted vertical movement. Revolver’s laser head includes 11 programmed chases, as well as sound-active and DMX control capabilities. Mounting options include freestanding or hanging modes. The Venue Tetra Beam Multi-Moonflower is a four-beam array of moonflower-effect patterns. Users can control the Tetra Beam via the IR remote from anywhere in the room, or trigger its stand-alone mode.

You can see more from Venue Lighting Effects on its website.