Vendor Catalogs: Relics Of The Past?

So many tools, so little time.

I get asked periodically for a copy of our catalog. That’s when I refer them to our website and say “that’s our catalog now.”

In any channel where technology advances quarterly, or even more often, and what’s hot can change weekly, combined with printing costs, and a general rise in eco-friendly sentiments have put print catalogs on the endangered species list.

There are still some around, mostly in channels where things don’t change as rapidly.

Klein Tools, a long-time favorite

I will say that I miss catalogs. I wasn’t the only one of my colleagues who enjoyed leafing through tool catalogs while eating lunch.

There’s a certain tactile joy that comes from flipping pages. Browsing a vendor website isn’t quite the same.

Fortunately retailer Lee Valley Tools still likes producing catalogs. They’re mailed to my house with regularity, and allow me to indulge in the thrill of turning pages and marveling and new gadgets.


Also, Lee Valley’s cover art is always something else