VDO360 Partners With Phoenix Audio for All-in-One TVC Solutions

phoenix-audio-0616VDO360, together with Phoenix Audio Technologies, announce that they have partnered to create high quality product bundles to address videoconferencing needs in the market. VDO360 packages will include its PTZPC system, as well as a Phoenix Audio solution, such as the Condor Microphone Array, Spider Conference Phone, or Duet Personal Speakerphone.

“In the Visual Collaboration market, our PTZPC systems are the products that everyone else either has or will emulate. This puts us in a position where we can pick and choose among the best in class devices to offer alongside,” states Chip Manning COO and Founding Partner VDO360. “As much as we focus on the visual side of collaborative technologies, without good audio the collaboration experience is a failure. We are thrilled to partner with Phoenix Audio Technologies and offer their line of industry leading audio solutions as part of our PTZPC and Camera/Audio bundles.”

“We are very excited to be teaming up with VDO360 to bring an all-inclusive videoconferencing bundle to the market,” says Jonathan Boaz VP of sales and marketing Phoenix Audio Technologies. “Pairing the VDO360 PTZPC with our Condor, Spider, or Duet makes it easier for consumers to build out their collaboration space. With a bundle, they’ll receive top performing products as one easy solution.”

Phoenix Audio is here. VDO360 is here.