Vantage to Bring “Lighting for Life” to CEDIA Expo 2019

Vantage Controls, a brand of Legrand | AV Residential Solutions, today announced that it will exhibit its end-to-end human-centric lighting (HCL) solutions at an interactive demonstration at CEDIA Expo 2019. In Legrand | AV’s booth 905, the company will showcase load controls, user interfaces including the new EasyTouch Glass, and programming software that come together to provide precise dimming for tunable light fixtures utilizing the Lumenetix araya5 light engine — delivering the benefits of “lighting for life” in residential spaces.

Our internal clocks — or circadian rhythms — are daily cycles of biological activity based on a 24-hour period and influenced by regular variations in the environment, primarily the Earth’s natural lighting cycle. We depend on this cycle for hormone production, metabolism, and sleep/wake cycles — basically our entire well-being. The optimal lighting conditions for humans are what we see outside. HCL systems render these conditions indoors by combining intelligent lighting control with tunable LED lamps and fixtures that have the ability to change their color tone or intensity to match the dynamic range of light.

“‘Lighting for Life’ means not only enhancing the aesthetics of a space, but the physical, emotional and mental well-being of its occupants,” said Fritz Werder, vice president and general manager of Legrand Residential AV Systems. “Vantage’s HCL solutions make it easy for integrators to meet the growing demand for this experience in residential spaces by reducing the complexity of the design, installation and operation of tunable LED lighting systems. In addition, they offer seamless integration with QMotion’s automated shading systems for the optimal balance of natural and artificial light.”

Making its debut at CEDIA Expo 2019 is Vantage’s new EasyTouch Glass modular keypad station, which combines powerful functionality with a sleek, contemporary design. Available with up to five programmable buttons for different scenes — such as “welcome,” “away,” or “party” — not only does the EasyTouch Glass allow users to set the lighting in a space with one touch, it can also incorporate control over shades, speakers, garage doors, and more. Completely customizable to each project, the keypad allows installers to mix and match colors for trims, buttons, and faceplates, while an inner-surface ink layering process ensures consistent color definition and reflectivity. Buttons are laser-engraved in a TrueType font, with the letters illuminated by adjustable RGB backlighting in the user’s color of choice. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlighting based on the time of day and users can easily determine which scenes are active based on the button’s color or intensity.

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Also on display at CEDIA Expo 2019 will be Vantage’s DMX-DALI-GATEWAY and InFusion Controller II. For today’s complex lighting system, the gateway provides 512 DMX channels, as well as 64 channels of DALI control. The Vantage controller is programmed to match the daily sunrise/sunset schedule shift throughout the year that best supports people’s natural circadian rhythm based on the location of each installation. araya5-enabled fixtures that are demonstrated to work with the Vantage controller include LF illumination, WAC lighting and more. Vantage also works well with new LED light sources including Lumsatream low voltage lighting and other innovative color-tuning manufacturers. In addition, the controller seamlessly integrates with QMotion advanced automated shading solutions for a complete human-centric experience.

Other highlighted user interfaces will include Vantage’s Equinox line of glass LCD touchscreen controllers for a smartphone-type navigation experience, and EasyTouch II keypads with up to five programmable buttons for control of lights and shades individually or in user-defined scenes. To quickly program complete HCL systems, Vantage’s Design Center will be on display. The software makes it fast and simple for integrators to configure the intensity, hue, saturation and correlated color temperature (CCT) of tunable lighting, while creating automated schedules and timers.

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