Vantage Announces LHUMAN KolorTune Capability in the Vantage Design Center Software

VantageLegrand’s luxury residential lighting control brand Vantage announced its LHUMAN KolorTune capability in the Vantage Design Center software. LHUMAN KolorTune enables “one of the widest selections” of tunable fixtures to be used in a lighting control system and provides the tunable controllable profiles needed to create lighting scenes with precise color temperature. The library of fixture profiles opens the door to lighting design freedom, simplicity and affordability for achieving tunable and human-centric lighting (HCL) designs.

LHUMAN KolorTune is the latest development in Vantage’s LHUMAN HCL solution. Here’s how it works and solves the problem for integrators needing HCL capabilities in a lighting design: Vantage performs an analysis of a fixture’s color tune mapping from leading lighting fixture manufacturers using professional metering equipment. From those tests, the company develops free tunable profiles for many makes and models of fixtures, with more being added in new releases of the Design Center software. Integrators and designers can also request profiles for new fixtures not already in the library.

Within the Design Center, installers select the chosen fixture(s), and the software will automatically provide the defined fixture control details and color temperature mapping for the lighting fixture. The programmer can then assign the matching control channel addresses and begin programming scenes. This achieves “simple and fast” programming and allows Vantage’s InFusion Controller to provide the correct color mix, producing accurate color temperature and intensity for the lighting task selected. There’s no need to determine and enter individual color values. Moreover, designers can mix and match tunable fixtures in the room with the assurance that values will match from fixture to fixture for a cohesive room lighting design; it supports 0-10V, DMX, and DALI control protocols.

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The KolorTune will be demonstrated in the Experience Room in Legrand booth 1506 at CEDIA Expo 2023. The Experience Room will feature tunable light fixtures from partners in the LHUMAN Light Fixture Alliance, including Proluxe by American Lighting, AiSPiRE/WAC, DiodeLED/Lucetta from Elemental LED, DMF Lighting, PureEdge Lighting, Noº 8 Lighting and LF Illumination. The alliance includes Environmental Lights, Specialty Lighting Industries, Colorbeam, Soraa Lighting, Tech Lighting, Circa Lighting and Lucifer Lighting Company.

The Vantage LHUMAN solution automatically adjusts a home’s light throughout the day, fully synchronized to the natural daylight from the sun — while making changes on the fly with preset scenes that deliver the appropriate color temperature and intensity to meet their current activity, need or mood. Whether users need to stay alert and productive during the day or wind down in the evening, all it takes is the touch of a button on a sleek Vantage touchscreen or modular keypad.

To fully harness the power of natural lighting, LHUMAN also takes advantage of motorized window shades, which allow users to open their homes to bright, sunny days as much or as little as they like. By integrating shades such as those from Legrand Shading Systems with Vantage lighting control, shades can be programmed to raise and lower automatically at any time of the day or be controlled by users with the same touchscreens and keypads as their lighting.