Vanco International Releases Two New Products for Streaming, Recording Audio and Video

vanco international video recording hd capture

Vanco International introduces two new products for streaming and recording audio and video: the Vanco video recording HD Capture and the PulseAudio audio recording Audio Capture. Both products were developed as inexpensive, wireless AV options that help streamline virtual working, learning and entertaining from home.

The Vanco HDCAPT1 allows for HDMI sources to be streamed or recorded, resulting in converted content that can be viewed locally or remotely. Easy to set up and install, it connects HDMI to a source and USB to a computer using software available for download from Vanco’s website. With today’s prominent movement towards virtual attendance, the HDCAPT1 Capture device can be utilized for remote working, learning, or stream live events such as worship services or sports games. HDMI signals from video recorders, webcams, game consoles and mobile devices can be converted for recordings or livestreaming purposes. With the ability to accept 4K@30Hz resolution, the HDCAPT1 is a great solution to capture HDMI signals that can be recorded for playback or sent to a remote audience.

The PulseAudio PACAPT1 allows the audio from any analog device to be streamed or recorded. It is the solution for anyone who is currently taking a hybrid-approach to working or learning, or for podcast and vlog creators, gamers, social media influencers, and more. It can capture high-quality audio files directly by USB interface and does not require the installation of any drivers — the Mac and Windows OS install as the driver automatically. The PACAPT1 can also convert analog audio such as CDs, cassettes or vinyl records to digital format, so favorite audio recordings can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The PACAPT1 comes with audio editing software, Audacity, built-in. (Audacity is a multitrack audio editor that helps users customize the audio editing process.)

The Vanco HD Capture and PulseAudio Audio Capture products are available for preorder now and will begin shipping in Q4 2020.