Vanco International Releases New PulseAudio 6X6 In-wall Amplifier and Accessory Kit

Vanco International PulseAudio 6X6 In wall Amplifier and Accessory KitVanco International announced the release of a new PulseAudio 6X6 in-wall amplifier and accessory kit for distributed audio systems. The new distribution amplifier and the accessory kit feature PulseAudio’s hallmark flexibility and modular functionality.

The PA66MK2 is a 6X6 audio matrix with six bridgeable zones, accommodating one or two speakers per zone. It is expandable up to three units for a total of 18 zones of distributed audio. Each PA66MK2 provides up to 25W @ 8Ω power by Class D amplifier. It features stereo/bridge mono output with adjustable stereo/bridge control, as well as a PA input jack that automatically sets all zones to source one for system-wide announcements. The PA66MK2 can be controlled via RS232, IR, or IP with provided RS232-IP and iOS or Android app.

The PA66ACCS is a complement to the PA66MK2 distribution amplifier. It includes a keypad connection hub and decora wall plate that allow the PA66MK2 to be seamlessly installed in any room. The accessory kit also includes six POE keypads with built-in IR RX and decora wall plates for each of the PA66MK2’s audio zones, keypad mounting hardware, a keypad hub, IR receiving cable and remote control.