What is in the Value Sweet Spot in Converged AV and IT?

What is really the return when you combine AV and IT? To answer this question you have to better define what AV and IT convergence is. AV and IT convergence is when AV and IT can be deployed where collaboration, control (ease of use), connectivity, conferencing and sending content can all be enhanced by integrating both leveraging the features and benefits of both AV and IT. The convergence part of the definition is key. The convergence means that these technologies coexist and enhance one another. In my definition convergence is not when AV is taken to the IT side, but is running on a separate physical network. At that point, you are merely having AV leverage the value of IT.  In a truly converged application the two completely coexist and are fully integrated. As I stated a couple of weeks ago, using HDBaseT as the last mile for extension is one thing, but further integrating it to leverage the IP capabilities to control devices and use all that HDBaseT has to offer to fully integrate AV and IT is true convergence. If you are using HDBaseT and IP Based video and audio together all the better. It can be done with some engineering prowess and forethought.

The results of completely converged AV and IT systems address the pains that every customer has. These pains are addressed through an incredible series of interrelated key points. The major interrelated points really have little to do with AV or IT:

  • The first two points are when the MESSAGE and the MISSION are completely aligned.
  • The next two points are where the intersection of importance of the MESSAGE is shared between PEOPLE who have the message and the people they want to share it with.

The following points show how AV/IT converged systems can take the major interrelated points and drive them forward:

  • The next two points are when the TECHNOLOGY can enhance the PHYSICAL SPACE to increase the productivity of the user to best match the application and usage needs.
  • The technologically enhanced PHYSICAL SPACE can enhance and impact how MESSAGE is shared and relayed.

At which point the TECHNOLOGY enhances the PHYSICAL SPACE to drive the MESSAGE, MISSION and PEOPLE. (Check out the infographic here to get a better understanding of the five equations that show the complete interrelationships in converged AV and IT solutions.)


The overall message is that as an integrator or anyone working in the AV/IT industry we are in a unique position. For the first time in a long time, there is an industry that there is a solution that transcends all of these:


In working in converged AV/IT we have an opportunity to improve and drive our customer’s organizational character by helping to propel their mission. Converged AV/IT helps people to better get their message across and to truly connect on many levels. When we converge AV and IT, we can impact the heart and spirit of an organization. We can help our customers to be more productive, more profitable and to help people better connect and collaborate. It’s simple math. You have to love AV/IT. I know I do.