Valens Fires Back at Semtech with VS3000 Chipset for Uncompressed 4K/60/4:4:4

Less than 24-hours after the Semtech AVX Transcoder Chip announcement clearly aimed at HDBaseT, Valens, the developer of HDBaseT technology, announced today its latest chipset — the VS3000, the first chipset in the Valens Stello family of AV chipsets. The VS3000 claims to be the first solution that enables long-distance transmission (100m/328ft) of uncompressed HDMI2.0 (4K 60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma encoding) over a category cable.

Valens’ VS3000 uses an ASIC that enables the long-distance transmission of uncompressed 4K@60 4:4:4 HDMI2.0 18Gbps bandwidth. The VS3000 ASIC includes:

  • HDBaseT ‘Port Duality,’ enabling single hardware design with configurable HDBaseT ports, which can function as HDBaseT transmitter or receiver ports
  • On-chip concurrent HDMI input and HDMI output ports, removing the need for an external additional HDMI device
  • On-chip HDCP processing and audio extract & insert capabilities, removing the need for an external HDCP device
  • On-chip switching core and chip-to-chip interconnect interface (DHDI), supporting switching of multiple video streams and enabling new HDBaseT network topologies
  • On-chip support for USB2.0, enhanced audio, 1Gb Ethernet and control interfaces
  • Fully backward compatible with previous HDBaseT products

The VS3000 is here.