Valens Brings VA6000 Chipset for HDBaseT to AV Market

At InfoComm 2018, Valens, the developer of HDBaseT and co-founder of the HDBaseT Alliance, will be demonstrating how the VA6000 HDBaseT integrated circuit, originally developed for the automotive market, is benefiting the AV sector, with its transmission of 1Gbps Ethernet, audio, serial control and USB over unshielded single twisted pair lightweight and lower cost cables (as opposed to the traditional pair-pair category cable).

Valens claims the VA6000 is a more cost-effective and compact option for many applications such as interactive touch kiosks, USB extensions for conference rooms, IP-based video walls and video-on-demand entertainment systems. The VA6000 supports both point-to-point and daisy-chain topologies, leading to lower chip and connector counts and increased flexibility in system design.

Valens says the VA6000 brings the following benefits to the audiovisual sector:

  • Near-zero latency transmission
  • Support for multiple simultaneous streams of multimedia content
  • Robust and EMC-resistant solution, with adaptive mechanisms to handle noise, cable aging, temperature changes and more, with no need for cable grounding
  • Extension of USB2.0 or 1GbE for 100 feet

Valens is here and the HDBaseT Alliance is here.