Vaddio Shows Video Whiteboard

web Video Whiteboard v2

Vaddio, known primarily for specialty pan/tilt/zoom web-Video-Whiteboard-v2cameras and high-end camera control systems, announced that they’re getting into the whiteboard market via the launch of the first high definition (patent pending) Video Whiteboard. Vaddio says their new Video Whiteboard completely replaces the existing need for fixed or PTZ cameras in a classroom system environment.

The Video Whiteboard can be used in a variety of applications from videoconferencing, content creation, IMAG, rich media systems or in any system designed to incorporate a whiteboard as a video input device – but it’s aimed at the classroom market. Because no dedicated PC is required, Vaddio’s Video Whiteboard is compatible with any videoconferencing, TelePresence, distance education or video media distribution system. In addition to HD/SD video outputs, data can be captured and stored as a JPEG on any USB flash drive. Because of the closed operating system, there are no hardware requirements, software hassles or operating system issues.

Using Vaddio’s EZCamera Cabling System with HSDS, power and USB data are run over a single Cat5 cable up to 100 feet from the whiteboard to the Video Whiteboard Quick-Connect interface. The Video Whiteboard Quick-Connect outputs DVI/HDMI or analog component HD video with supported HD resolutions of 720p and 1080i, as well as analog composite SD video – both NTSC and PAL. On the front of the Video Whiteboard Quick-Connect is a USB port for plugging in a USB flash drive and saving a JPEG image of the whiteboard.

From the description this seems to be a somewhat new breed of whiteboard, taking fuller advantage of being in a digital to digital world.  I could envision scenarios where not having to have a PC could be really beneficial. I wonder how the software interface is?