Vaddio Releases Beta Version of Remote Management and Deployment Tool

Screenshot of the Vaddio Deployment Tool

The Vaddio Deployment Tool is now available for AV integrators and AV managers.

The Vaddio Deployment Tool is a Windows-compatible software application that simplifies equipment installation by providing configuration management, device discovery, mass firmware updates and remote troubleshooting.

The software tool shows all compatible Vaddio products across a deployment on one screen, allows users to select devices from the network, then configures, controls and updates devices as needed.

With the configuration management feature, users can copy set-up configurations and apply them to other devices.

The Vaddio Deployment Tool requires authentication from each connected device and encrypts all stored authentication. The application collects no user data of any kind to respect the ever-growing privacy concerns of users. Other cloud-based solutions could leak sensitive information, but since the Vaddio Deployment Tool does not use cloud services, integrators and AV managers can be confident that all audio, video, shared content, meeting and business data remains private and secure.

The Vaddio Deployment Tool was designed to help integration partners and AV managers keep their AV installations running smoothly. There is no cost for this tool, nor are there any license fees or maintenance fees. Vaddio does not harvest any data or benefit from providing this tool, except to improve the installation experience for its customers.

The beta version is currently available; the final version of the Vaddio Deployment Tool will be released later this fall.

To get your copy of the Vaddio Deployment Tool, go here.