Vaddio Debuts IP Audio and Video Streaming Support for AV Bridge

hires-AV-Bridge_large-0713Vaddio’s AV Bridge is a room-based, HD media streaming box for USB and IP streaming of content originating from traditional audio and video equipment. The AV Bridge is designed for ProAV applications, offering a flexible audio and video interface all controllable from an embedded web server or front panel menu. A/V Bridge accepts video input resolutions from standard definition (480i/NTSC and 576i/PAL) to HD 1080p/60 in HDMI and YPbPr including wide- screen VESA type resolutions (RGBHV) and incorporates stereo audio inputs.

The USB streaming functions using MJPEG (Motion JPEG) and standard UVC (USB Video Class) with UAC (USB Audio Class) drivers eliminating the need for installation of custom software drivers on the host PC. The IP streaming uses RTSP and encodes H.264 Audio with AAC Audio (IP streaming in Release 2.0.0). The Ethernet port currently provides access to internal web pages for control, set-up and updating the AV Bridge.

Use the AV Bridge in lecture/capture recording applications or “bridge” video and audio signals into a PC for storage, editing, rebroadcasting meetings or worship services and retrofit existing meeting rooms by simply plugging a USB cable into a host PC or connecting to an IP network.

Here are all the specs.