Utelogy Announces USB Device Monitoring

Diagram of Uteology U-Manage, U-Computer and U-Server for USB device monitoringUtelogy has announced that USB device monitoring has been added to its platform to allow IT departments to manage UCC systems (web-based conferencing software) easier and more quickly.

How does it work? With companies rapidly moving to unified communications (UC) including Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom and Ring Central and other computer-based collaboration platforms, a growing number of USB peripheral devices are part of these AV systems. Until now, it was not possible to monitor the status of these USB devices.

By simply adding U-Computer and USB devices to a Utelogy configuration, the USB devices now become managed assets within the U-Manage portal. U-Computer acts as a proxy for Utelogy drivers, where secure APIs are used, that don’t expose the API outside of the local host. For those assets that don’t have an API, Utelogy can also monitor generic USB peripherals and assets. After installing the USB driver on Utelogy’s U-Server and connecting the device to U-Computer in the room, Utelogy can provide users with rich data, analytics and monitoring capabilities.

Here’s a video from InfoComm 2019, showing a demo of the Utelogy platform.

Here are all the details.