Utelogy Software Update Adds Visual Framework, Calendar Integration and Active Directory Integration

Utelogy’s latest software release includes something called the Utelogy Visual Framework (UVF), which allows programmers, end-users or integrators to build or restyle their user interface. The UVF includes a component reference guide, that allows users to take standard, ‘out of the box’ components and use them or with the Component API and Theming Guide, developers can build their own components and custom themes to create their own UI.

This latest software release also includes two additional key features: U-Schedule and U-Access. U-Schedule, which allows for calendar integration with Google Exchange and Office 365, supports viewing the current room schedule status (available/busy) as well as the day’s schedule of events on a door marquee. U-Access allows organizations to use Active Directory to authenticate users and to evaluate access rules to determine which users can use which rooms.

Utelogy is here.