Utelogy Launches U-Automate —Workspace Automation

Utelogy logo full color no tag rgbUtelogy Corporation, a visionary provider of control, monitoring and analytics software for workspace management, today announced its automation tool, U-Automate. This module delivers the Room Readiness feature, which enables IT teams to remotely validate the readiness of all connected devices, sensors, etc., in its workspaces.

Ensuring collaboration spaces remain optimized and running at scale to deliver a positive user experience in today’s enterprise environment is a daunting task.

Utelogy’s management portal, U-Manage, released last year, already allows operations teams to drill down to see device metrics, documents, and events for all of its connected devices under a single pane of glass. U-Automate, is a productivity tool designed to eliminate the costly, time-consuming, and resource-intensive manual processes enterprises employ today to confirm each conference room and the devices in those rooms are online and functioning properly.

U-Automate delivers the following features to improve efficiency for the IT organization:
● Build scripts by configuring blocks with the ability to enter custom parameters
● Test devices, video and audio calls, state checks, custom macros and more
● Schedule scripts to execute and repeat at any date, time and location
● Review test logs to pro-actively address errors and warnings

“We know that companies spend millions of dollars every year on manual room checks. With U-Automate, operations teams can leverage the technology to reduce labor costs by as much as 75%,” said Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy. “Automating the repetitive tasks allows companies to reassign those resources to more strategic, core business activities,” added Morrison.

Automation not only delivers productivity gains for the operations team, but also for employees using the meeting room technology. When workplace technology functions the way it’s supposed to, it allows employees to focus on the productive, valuable human work, allowing companies to attract and retain the best employees.

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Utelogy’s U-Automate lays the groundwork for future development efforts targeted to take advantage of machine learning to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can drive automation features that would include self-healing scenarios.

“Let’s assume the AI engine has determined there’s a 75 per cent chance a projector issue can be resolved with a reboot. The system could assess whether there are people currently in the room or scheduled to come into the room. If the next meeting is in 10 minutes, and the system

knows the projector has a three-minute reboot, it could automatically reboot the projector without any human interaction. We believe self-healing is a key benefit of AI, and we expect that to provide immense business value in the future,” Morrison explained.

Room Readiness, powered by U-Automate, will be available for demonstration at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 (ISE 2020) February 11 to 14, 2020 at the RAI in Amsterdam. Utelogy will be in Hall 14 Stand M-170 and interested parties can schedule a demonstration here (https://www.utelogy.com/utelogy-demo-ise-2020/).