Utelogy Intros U-Box

U-box-picture-small-330Utelogy’s U-Box is a stand-alone AV control, management and analytics system for your single room deployments. U-Box is marketed as a budget-friendly way to deploy Utelogy and all the benefits it offers, without having to consider the entire campus or deploy the system enterprise-wide.

Features include:

  • Plug-and-play capabilities to add various devices with “simple” provisioning (is provisioning ever simple?)
  • Convenience and flexibility to quickly deploy an AV solution for classroom or meeting space
  • Ability to experiment with room equipment and configurations
  • Quickly reconfigure multi-purpose rooms when the need arises

With a high performance CPU and a 10 inch touch screen that is pre-loaded with Utelogy software, it has all the functionality that comes with the enterprise solution — but with a single room price.

Here are the details.