Utelogy Develops New Driver for LEA Professional’s Pro-Grade Amps

utelogy driver lea professional amplifiers

Utelogy Corporation has developed a new driver for LEA Professional’s line of professional-grade amplifiers and technologies supporting audio-video system integrators. The new Utelogy driver joins LEA’s CONNECT SERIES of Application Programming Interfaces (API), a professional control ecosystem for third-party amplifier control and monitoring. This combined technology suite gives system integrators access to a diverse range of plug-ins, as well as expanded local area network amplifier control capabilities using LEA Professional’s web user interface and cloud platform.

Utelogy is also adding LEA Professional as the newest global solutions provider in its Utelligence Program. This program is Utelogy’s way of driving the industry to meet a higher level of standards-based security in connectivity and communications for AV and unified communications (UC) devices, offering rich APIs and improving user experiences by generating meaningful metrics.

“Utelligence” describes the ability to capture complete and meaningful metrics that can provide the Utelogy Platform with analytics and insights. A major component of the Utelogy platform is device drivers, since they communicate with the AV hardware and UC soft codecs that Utelogy monitors, manages and controls. This newest driver will be certified as a “Utelligent” device, Utelogy’s stamp of approval stating it meets the standards defined by this program.

The Utelogy Connect Series API will allow integrators to use the Utelogy software platform to control and monitor essential functions and features with the LEA Professional CONNECT SERIES smart professional-grade amplifiers. The product line was launched in 2019 as the first Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled, cloud-controllable professional amplifier. Users are able to remotely access their amplifiers by logging into the LEA cloud platform from any location with internet access.

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LEA Professional amps are utilized in commercial AV environments including conference rooms, manufacturing facilities, airports, hotels, houses of worship and even restaurants, bars and gyms. With such a diverse range of applications on projects varying in scope and complexity, integrators need technologies that are flexible, compatible and easy to use.

The new driver supports multiple concurrent socket connections to the same port of a device, useful when multiple platforms need to communicate with a device simultaneously to perform different functions. Its use of robust API enables an array of intelligence to be delivered and the driver also helps generate more intelligent responses from a device. For example, when queried, a device can respond with “Temperature=22,” rather than simply “22.”

The LEA control ecosystem consists of the Web browser-based UI, cloud control and monitoring platform, Open API with TCP and Websocket control and driver plug-in support which now includes the Utelogy Platform.