Utelogy and Neat Partner for Simplification

neat utelogyUtelogy Corporation announced its integration with Neat where the Neat Pulse API works with Utelogy’s platform, sans programming. Through this partnership, Utelogy’s platform now integrates with Neat devices supported through the Neat Pulse API, offering unprecedented capabilities in people counting, occupancy reporting, and environmental monitoring — elements crucial for today’s smart buildings and collaborative workspaces.

The integration introduces:

  • People counting and occupancy insights via Neat devices, integrated seamlessly into Utelogy’s platform for measurable real-time space utilization
  • Real-time and historic insights into environmental data, including CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, and device health, ensuring optimal meeting conditions
  • Control and configuration capabilities, such as remote reboot and change audio/video settings, alongside visibility into the device’s operational mode (Zoom Mode, Teams Mode)

This collaboration not only aims to revolutionize workspace technology but also emphasizes sustainability and efficiency. At the heart of this integration lies the enhanced energy savings and robust environmental monitoring capabilities, which collectively forge a sustainable operational footprint. The Utelogy platform is equipped with real-time alerting mechanisms, pivotal in enabling swift technical responses that guarantee an uninterrupted workflow and sustained device functionality. The practicality of remotely rebooting devices simplifies troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.