Utelogy Releases Analytic Tiles Insights Tool for U-Manage Dashboard

utelogyUtelogy Corporation has announced the release of Analytic Tiles, an insights tool for users of its U-Manage Dashboard Platform. Available on all existing and future dashboards, Utelogy says Analytic Tiles will improve the management of companies’ AV and UC estates by providing deep-level insights into device usage, space utilization, system performance, asset management, alert data and more. Fully configurable visual tiles provide actionable data analysis allowing campuses and enterprises to have full visibility into current and future performance and utilization trends and take a proactive approach to equipment refresh programs or building out new workspaces.

Analytic Tiles provide strategic insights into the following:

  • The types of rooms that get booked and utilized most.
  • Which devices (AV and UC) get the most usage.
  • Which devices receive the most alerts.
  • Which location(s) receives the most alerts over a user-defined period of time.