USIS AudioVisual To Join USAV Group Integrator Membership

kUSAV Group, a division of PSA, announced USIS AudioVisual has been approved for membership within its group of integrators. USIS AV is a national design/build/service firm delivering solutions for a built and digital environment’s AV technology stack.

“USIS AV is a top-notch organization is highly decorated and accredited within our industry with over eighty years of expertise and will bring a lot of value to USAV,” said Patrick Whipkey, director of USAV. “They are multifaceted with AV, security, electrical and so much more. The USIS team fits well within the USAV network and we look forward to collaborating and growing their presence within the group. I think this will be an amazing partnership.”

USIS AV says it is best known for its cross-functional design/build solutions for audiovisual, IT and communications infrastructure/structured cabling and physical security & access control. The firm sees these sectors as an essential approach to today’s digital and built environment tech stack. They bring to the USAV group additional coverage from the east coast to the west coast with their headquarter office in New York.

“To be a good company we must also be a good peer in our industry; joining USAV gives us another opportunity to do that,” said Theresa Hahn, VP of market development at USIS AV. “We recognize the importance alliances can play in shaping the future.”

PSA and USAV integrators are among the best in the security and AV industries and this partnership will allow these integrators to expand their service areas and industry resources. Membership information can be found here.