Userful’s Next-Generation Data Visualization Solution Revolutionizing Enterprise Operations

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Userful, a leading provider of IT solutions and data visualization for core enterprise operations, announced that its groundbreaking Trends data dashboards solution, powered by the Userful Infinity Platform has enhanced integration with datametrics platforms and business intelligence solutions for increased operational efficiency and improved decision-making in mission critical environments.

Over 431,000 companies globally use data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to transform complex information into clear, actionable insights. In high-performance operations, the modern enterprise needs to do more than aggregate and analyze data – they must model it in prescriptive ways.

“Data visualization across all levels, from leadership to the central control room and frontline operations, is crucial for modern companies to achieve growth and profitability. Userful is leading the way in helping leading datametrics platforms, like PowerBI, Tableau, Epic, ServiceNow and others to realize data visualization centrally and the front lines, “ said John Marshall, CEO of Userful.

Enhanced Features & Capabilities:

  • Seamless Integration, Authentication & Secure Data Distribution: Integrates with platforms like Power BI, Tableau, Epic, SAP, Siemens, and ServiceNow. Aggregates dashboards as pixels for secure data, using role-based permissions, secure networks, and Microsoft Azure AD for authentication.
  • Centralized Management & Real-Time Insights: Centralized management and distribution of global real-time visualizations. Enhances teamwork with dynamic data access for multiple users.
  • Operational Flexibility, Effectiveness & Customization: Supports emergency notifications, operational signage, control rooms, and dynamic report sharing with drag-and-drop functionality. Scalable and customizable data visualization solutions tailored to specific needs.

Userful is Transforming Multiple Industries

This industry-leading solution revolutionizes data operations and IT infrastructure across a variety of sectors. Manufacturers have streamlined production monitoring for improved efficiency and risk management, while healthcare providers have gained access to critical data like admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) and departmental wait times to elevate patient care.

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Userful’s Trends data dashboards solution revolutionizes the enterprise market by unifying data from multiple sources and breaking down data silos. It enables real-time interaction with information through Soft KVM and offers organizations a secure, holistic view of business performance.

Userful will showcase its data dashboards solution at InfoComm 2024 in Sony booth #2201 and PixelFLEX booth #C5159. To learn more go to