URC’s New Remotes Are Now Shipping

urc mx 1012 131x3001

urc-mx-1012URC is now shipping the new MX-1200i, MX-780i and water-resistant MXW-920i, which are all one-way wand style remotes offering both IR and 433MHz Narrow Band RF operation. They are also programmable via URC software.

The MX-1200i, the company’s flagship model, has hard buttons and a 2.4” color LCD touch screen. URC’s entry-level remote is the MX-780i, which offers both hard buttons and a 1.5″ color OLED screen, but can control up to 255 devices throughout the home via direct IR or RF to a base station. As with the MX-1200i, it has the ability to control the system without direct visibility.

The MXW-920i is considered “splash-proof” as the water resistant rating is JIS Class 4, IP-class 54 — meaning that splashing water on the remote control from any direction will have no effect on its operation remote. It features a monochrome LCD.

Specs are here.