URC Announces Vivido Two-Way Lighting Solutions

vivido-urc-0914URC today announced the Vivido Series of two-way designer lighting solutions for Total Control and ccGEN2 whole-house home automation systems. The new lineup includes everything needed for integrated lighting including master and accessory light dimmers, switches, a lamp dimming module, an appliance switching module and more. URC systems will control and dim all loads including LED, Compact Fluorescent, MLV and others.

All Vivido Series lighting products are fully controllable from familiar URC Total Control or ccGEN2 interfaces, an extensive assortment that includes wand-style, simple and full-featured keypads and gyro-type controllers. Additionally, all can be controlled while on-premises-or while away-using the newly announced URC Mobile app and an Android or iOS device. And with the battery powered, stick-on-the-wall-anywhere dimmer this line is ideal for retrofits.

It’s not on the URC website yet, but when it is, it will be here.