URC Adds Two-Way Total Control of QMotion Qadvanced Shades

URC Total Control of QMotion QadvancedURC today added a two-way module for Total Control of Qadvanced automated roller shading systems from QMotion (a brand of Legrand). The module, available to authorized URC installers via URC’s dealer portal, makes it easy for commercial or residential end users using any URC Total Control interface to raise, lower, stop and set the level of individual or groups of QMotion automated roller shades.

When authorized URC Total Control dealers complete the installation and integration of URC’s Total Control system and QMotion’s Qadvanced Shading Systems, end users can easily do the following: Raise, lower, or set the level for each QMotion Motorized Shade or groups of QMotion Motorized Shades in their home, offices, boardroom, restaurant, bar, or other light commercial facility. Automatically adjust the roller shade to the desired level based on activity macros, such as: “video conference mode” for boardrooms, as well as “dinner time” mode, “party” mode, “romance” mode for homes. Users can also automatically raise or lower QMotion shades based on the time of day or when the end user’s car arrives in the driveway or is driving within a pre-determined distance of your home or commercial facility based on URC’s Geofencing technology. End users can also create or change groups of motorized shades using the QMotion QzHub App, which automatically synchronizes with the URC Total Control System.

QMotion’s Qadvanced automated roller shade collection includes over 300 fabrics that an end user can choose from to enhance their interior décor. To facilitate the connectivity between the two systems, QMotion’s QzHub3 controller is required for both battery-operated and/or hardwired automated shade offerings. A single QzHub3 can support up to 40 shades when used with range extenders.

Total Control 2.0 is designed for residential and commercial facilities such as bars and restaurants; conference rooms and executive offices; common areas and amenities spaces in multi-dwelling units; and hospitality and classrooms.

Here are the specs.