URC to Debut New Lower Cost Handheld Interface in TRC-820

urc-trc-820-1015CEDIA Expo is the backdrop for the introduction of URC’s latest Total Control handheld interface, new TRC-820. Programmable using URC’s Accelerator, the TRC-820 is designed to work with all URC System controllers.

Dubbed “affordable” by URC’s announcement to rAVe, TRC-820 is Wi-Fi based (the first of URC’s entry-level controllers to not be 2.4 GHz). Using a 2-inch color LCD, the two-way controller includes macros, programmable short-cuts and typical hand-held TV control functions built-in and pre-programmed for all the major brands.

The TRC-820 has a suggested list price of $399. URC is here.