URC Launches RF-Based MX-990

urc-rf-mx-1015URC is still supporting its RF-based control interfaces, Complete Control (MX-Series) systems, by introducing the most advanced CCP remote to date. Emphasis is strongly on creative customization — this remote allows programmers greatest flexibility in graphic design and layout. Plus, graphics are stored on remote and archived in PC.

The new MX-990 uses Narrow-Band RF and is fully file compatible with URC’s popular MX-980 remote control.


  • A customizable color 2.4″ LCD screen.
  • Graphics are stored on remote, so when uploaded from remote to PC the graphics are sent to the PC for archival purposes.
  • Can run MX-980 files — so programming steps are saved even before dealers begin.
  • Uses Narrow-Band 418 MHz RF radio frequency.
  • Works with all URC 418 MHz RF Base Stations (MRX-350, MRF-260).
  • Includes rechargeable battery and handsome charging cradle.

Here are all the tech specs.