Urban church puts on a show with Supernova

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As a vibrant downtown church, the Fila Church in Helsinki is taking new paths to create experiences that involve the congregation. The church has a stage with modern light and sound equipment – and a big screen so everyone in the church can enjoy the show.

Due to the bright stage light, the projection screen often struggled to display high quality images. Fila church turned to Valkokangasnet Oy, one of Finlands leading specialist in Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) displays, for advice.

High contrast in bright stage light

“Fila wanted help finding the solution that provided best value for money and could meet three basic requirements: large image size, high resolution and ability to reject high levels of stage light during concerts and events”, says CEO, Tapio Touru.

“In such a case LED is an obvious, but also expensive, solution. Fortunately, there are alternatives that provide near-LED contrast at a more attractive price: optical ALR projection screens with built-in contrast filters.”

Calculations pointed to one particular screen

Valkokangasnet Oy began by measuring the light levels in the church: 60 lux on the screen and 300 lux on the floor

in front of the stage. Based on these light levels, they were able to calculate the required screen contrast and projector brightness for a display in this specific environment. The simulation indicated that based on screen specs, dnp Supernova was the only one of four projection screen types that could deliver the required contrast and black levels.

Calculated on dnp-screens.com

In this case, the installer used dnp’s Image Quality Calculator to solve a difficult task for the customer. The calculator helps determine required projector brightness, Image contrast and more and is available at dnp-screens.com

Impressive quality

“Seeing is believing. So as the final step we conducted a live demo, so that the customer could see the actual difference between a traditional screen and a dnp Supernova display. The difference was striking and although the dnp screen was more expensive there was no doubt that the quality difference was too impressive to be ignored.”, Said Tapio Touru.

> Customer: Fila Church Helsinki – congregation
> Installer: Valkokangasnet Oy
> Display: 230” dnp Supernova XL 16:9 (5090 mm wide) > Projector: Panasonic PT-MZ16KL + lens ETEMS600