Updated Jamo Concert Speakers Appeal to Design and Audio Enthusiasts Alike

Jamo has redesigned its premium Concert 9 speaker series. The Jamo Concert 9 passive speaker line consists of two tower speakers (C 97 II and C 95 II), two monitors (C 93 II and C 91 II), a center channel (C 9 CEN II) and surround speakers (C 9 SUR II).

Jamo Concert 9 speakers are available in three finishes (black ash, white and dark apple) and the magnetic grilles come in two natural tweed fabric options — white feature heather gray grilles and the black and dark apple speakers come with charcoal gray grilles. Satin painted MDF baffles, polished chrome logos and stabilizer cast metal feet ensure this series is aesthetically elegant while providing exceptional acoustics.

The audio technologies featured in the new Jamo Concert loudspeakers include:

  • Hybrid Composition Conical Cones (HCCC) ensure the speakers withstand being driven hard, while delivering clean and clear midrange sound.
  • Long Displacement Surround (LDS) design for woofers and midrange drivers that deliver a clean transition between highs and lows, creating a more natural, open sound.
  • Anti-Diffraction WaveGuide (ADW) technology that produces more immersive and impactful listening, even outside of the sweet spot.
  • Redesigned silk dome tweeter diaphragms with extra-large surround that lower distortion for smooth high-frequency and extension.

The Jamo Concert speakers can be found here.