Trying to expand your network on all those social networking sites is great and all, but how do you meet new people with like interests with being considered spam? Simple, you can’t, not without being blocked or having your account seized for a few days or permanently deleted by the host. Enter Unsocial! Unsocial is a new networking tool that lets you connect with other business professionals in your area based on location and specific events. With Unsocial “It’s not who you know, it’s who you need to know”.

Originally Unsocial was not available for all mobile platforms and only in Beta in SF and NY. Recently I was able to try it out in SF at the Almo Pro AV E4 event with coverage from non other than RavePubs. In one word Unsocial is Awesome!  As of yesterday, Unsocial is now officially launched and rolling out to most major cities everyday. If your city is not listed, simply contact them and give them a holler. I have been in close contact with them since the beginning and about 1 hour north of SF (Where it did NOT work originally). With some praise, good looks and charm, I was able to get them to unlock a 150 mile radius of this app availability, just for me! Well, for you to now but only now that I told you about it, so go download this app and start meeting the people you need to now today. In the meantime you can read the official press release they sent me:


Mobile Location-Based Business Networking Platform Now Available on iPhone, Android and

BlackBerry; Service Expanded to 15 Major U.S. Cities

(Los Angeles/SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – April 26, 2011 – Unsocial, a new business networking mobile application developed by mobile app innovator Apptango, for meeting contacts outside of your existing network, has been named the official app of APPNATION SF, one of the world’s largest app conferences taking place in San Francisco on April 27. Now out of Beta and seamlessly integrating with LinkedIn, UNSOCIAL launches with the distinct purpose of turning the traditional social model upside down with the most social app ever – a discovery tool for making connections outside of one’s social/business network that they likely would not have met otherwise.

Through its location-based networking and smart-tagging platform, UNSOCIAL connects users with business professionals they should meet based on shared information and proximity, making it the ideal tool to find and be found at business events, tradeshows and conferences. In the rapidly growing tech arena of mobile, location-based services and events marketing,

UNSOCIAL addresses a key need for more advanced networking tools to drive real-time relationships for business. UNSOCIAL is now live on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices, and services are available in 15 major cities. “Business networking has not evolved significantly in the past several years. Most of us still meander conferences and ask for intros using our existing network to seek relevant connections, and this old way is unnecessarily clunky and inefficient at time when technology presents us with the perfect opportunity to make it better,” said Bruce Brown, Co-Founder of UNSOCIAL and Apptango. “UNSOCIAL streamlines networking using efficient, real-time data such as geo- and smart- tagging, enabling users to easily meet nearby professionals with common interests.”

The UNSOCIAL platform employs ideal features for a conference such as APPNATION SF. Geo-location technology finds relevant connections in a person’s vicinity and smart tags alert users when a relevant connection is nearby. Additional “Live” tools enable users to distribute agendas, schedules, events, meet-ups and feeds. UNSOCIAL also includes an advanced discovery engine to source other similar events in a certain location to expand the range of networking opportunities even wider.

“Selecting UNSOCIAL as the official app for APPNATION was a natural choice. Not only is it one of the best conferences for and about everything “apps”, but their platform is also exactly what the business community, and events industry, needs to invigorate business development, said Drew Ianni, President and Event Chairman of APPNATION. “We’re thrilled to be using UNSOCIAL for APPNATION SF 2011 and look forward to the results of this innovative new tool.”


Unsocial is an application that connects users with business people in their proximity whom they need to meet. It is a multi-platform application available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry device. Unsocial is currently available in 15 major U.S. cities with plans to continue expanding. Unsocial is product of Apptango. To find more information about UNSOCIAL, please visit www.unsocial.mobi

About Apptango

Apptango designs and develops custom mobile applications that allow businesses and organizations to extend their business model into the reach of their customers’ hands. Apptango is leading the next generation of content solutions for mobile devices, including the exciting iPhone/iTouch/iPad and Android devices. To find more information about our products, the team at Apptango or other details about the company, please visit the Apptango website at www.apptango.com


The APPNATION 2011 conference brings together a dynamic and diverse group of app developers and professionals from the worlds of media and entertainment, telecommunications, advertising, venture capital and finance, technology and infrastructure, telecommunications, as well as leading industry press and analysts.

APPNATION 2011 will focus on social and mobile apps across all devices and platforms including social media platforms, smartphones, tablets, internet-enabled televisions, and emerging platforms and devices. This is one of my new favorite apps on all platforms (minus the WebOS) because as an integrator or any business professional for that matter, it’s all about networking. No matter how busy I am, I will always make time to connect with you and help in anyway that I can. Many of you already know this from my FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. I constantly get emails, messages, tweets about needing help with programming, design, integration tips, etc, and I always help. If you would like to connect with me I have linked some of my social networking sites above and have no problem at all with you reaching out to connect as long as you send me a brief message about yourself, remember “Be social” 😉

I’d like to end with this thought:

Social networking is just that, “Social” NOT the opposite where everyone complains about certain posts, or too many posts (Well, that is another story I’ll get into in another post). Be social despite the name of this app, Interact, engage and be helpful to others.