Universal Remote Control and NetStreams Announce Integration of Driver

NetStreams, recently acquired by ClearOne, last week URC_netstreams-0210announced a FREE NetSteams application is available to download on the URC Toolbox at

With the release of the DigiLinX control app for the URC MX-6000, dealers can simply log onto the Universal Remote Control ToolBox site and download the DigiLinX app for the URC MX-6000 controller for free. The addition of the DigiLinX new application for the MX-6000 controller gives users a powerful whole house controller in the palm of their hands that is easy and quick to configure. All of the NetStreams functions are built-into the MX-6000 controller including the tactical buttons on the remote such as volume up and down, mute, channel up and down.

If you’re registered as a URC provider, you can see it at: