A Unique LED Screen Support System from Upstage Video

Vtower_image-0316A few years ago, Upstage Video’s product development team wanted to develop a cost-effective solution to support small LED screens for their clients. Features of the new design had to include ease of use, portability and various configuration options. The result is a four-legged LED screen support system called the V-Tower. This brand new design offers a compact and sleek alternative to traditional truss and staging support options currently in the rental and staging market.

The V-Tower wasn’t designed to replace large screens; it was simply designed to open up new opportunities at live events. It’s no secret that event producers are taking a closer look at their safety procedures and how to improve upon them. The V-Tower’s small design allows for strategic placement locations in large crowds to transmit emergency messaging. Pertinent event information including safety and evacuation procedures can easily be displayed with the switch of a button.

Experiential marketers, sporting event producers and corporate trade show organizers will benefit from using the V-Tower to display sponsorships and advertising information. Participants and attendees will be able to view video content from any angle of screen due to the V-Tower’s various configuration options, from a one-sided to two-sided or three-sided structure with a 5’x8’ standard size screen. Multiple screen size configurations are also available.

The V-Tower is available now and all of it is here.