Unique Display Layout Creates Content Challenges

CBI-Christie-Micro-Tile-Wall-0914Corporate Business Interiors (CBI) was looking to create an incredible showroom, and the main attraction was to be a huge MicroTile wall that spelled out the company’s initials. Saddle Ranch Digital was tasked with creating content that looked nice in this configuration that also told a story of the company’s history, products and services.


CBI’s showroom is used to sell prospective clients on the company’s many different product lines and services. CBI sells multimillion dollar contracts, so the lobby needed to be impressive.

This is also a family-owned company, and many of the owner’s children and family members work there.  The company wanted the content to reflect the family values as well as the quality of their work.


The screens are in an odd configuration. It is extremely challenging to come up with content that will be able to translate to the space surrounding three letters. Also, since it is family owned and operated, Saddle Ranch Digital wanted to show the employees in a fun, interactive way.

As people are waiting in the lobby, they can get a feel of the type of people they will be working with. The company also hosts night events, and the owners wanted the content to create a special mood at night.


One of the many solutions was to show each employee on a MicroTile in a way that was “Brady Bunch-esque.” The employees had a good time and wore fun things while “looking around” on the screen at each other.

Saddle Ranch Digital also made sure the content had a family feel to it. The owner’s father was a farmer in Irvine, California, and he wanted to show pictures of his upbringing and where he came from.

Night content was created showing many constellations and different abstract content to create an upscale urban nighttime feel.


The “Brady Bunch” content was a big hit. It is one of the owner’s favorite pieces, and it makes people laugh daily. The biggest thing is that the content conveys to potential clients who the company is before they get to the conference room to actually meet. The stage is set and the salespeople say it is a great conversation starter.

This case study was reprinted with permission from Digital Signage Connection and originally appeared here.